Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New flushes of the Medang Tija (Cinnamomum iners) at Pantai Temasya

These "Medang Tija" tree or Wild cinnamon (Cinnamomum iners) is showing beautiful new leaves in shades of yellow to orange to red at the park area of Pantai Temasya Bintulu.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kasai fruits

About five years ago these 'kasai' fruits were hardly seen in the markets of Bintulu.  Nowadays people in Bintulu seem to be accustomed to buying them.  They are juicy and sweet..yummy, yummy, yummy...

Friday, August 2, 2013

Ramadhan bazaars promote social intermingling

Ramadhan bazzaar at Bintulu Esplanade
 The Ramadhan bazaars in Bintulu are unique in a special way.  They become the focus of many different ethnic groups of Sarawak to intermingle in a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere as they go out in the open to buy the many types of food, drinks  and delicacies that are abundantly available at the bazaar.  The bazaar at the Bintulu Esplanade seems to be still busy even at the last week of Ramadhan because it is situated at the heart of the Bintulu town where people of all races congregate for their daily work, leisure and shopping. These Ramadhan bazaars are normally open for business around 2.00 pm till about 6.30 pm everyday during the fasting month of Ramadhan.  The month of Ramadhan is something to be welcomed by the peoples of Bintulu, not only for the Muslims for its spiritual benefits but also other races who look forward to discover the vast selection of foods, drinks and delicacies displayed at these month-long  the temporary bazaars.

Bintulu Esplanade

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bazaar Ramadan at Bintulu 2013

Bintulu's specialty - "Umai"

 There are two Ramadan bazaars that we visited today.  There is a  Ramadan Bazaar at the Bintulu Esplanade and another bigger one at the Assyakiriin Commmercial Centre.  The latter seemed to enjoy brisk sales because of its location some 6 kilometers away from the old town but which apparently has become a more central location due to the town's expansion to its suburb areas.  I noticed a recurrent fact as  I inquired about the prices of food sold.  Prices of all items are rising steeply which is the signs of the times as Bintulu is now in the throes of the fourth boom.
Pretty Melanau girls selling cakes and Ramadan goodies at the Bintulu Esplanade

'Kuih Kasong' a local delicacy for breaking of fast.

'Satay' or grillled chicken sticks

 At the Ramadan Bazaar near Assyakiriin Commercial Centre, the choice of food and drinks are plenty.  Due to the present hot weather drinks stalls were well patronised.  But if you are in Bintulu try the " Umai" which is almost synonymous with the Melanaus of Bintulu,  Umai is a kind of raw fish dish which like the Bintulu belacan or shrimp paste is a must try eating experience if you drop by this booming town.  Unlike other towns in Sarawak it is very common to see shoppers wearing coveralls because being an upcoming industrial town, Bintulu has attracted thousands of workers in all disciplines to help build and run the many industrial outfits at Kidurong and Samalaju heavy industrial zones situated north of the town.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bintulu Roads

 Bintulu roads: Jalan Bukit Orang
11 May'13
Main Bazaar Road