Sunday, May 18, 2008

Big boats, small boats

Bintulu , once a tiny riverine town is always the place to see boats in Sarawak. In the foreground are boats for hire that charge by the hour. The bigger boats in the background ferry workers to offshore oil rigs and gas platforms.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gawai Season in Bintulu

Gawai Dayak which falls on 1st of June is celeberated as a public holiday here in Bintulu, just like any other places throughout Sarawak. Along this sidewalk at Medan Jaya, Bintulu is a string of bantings auguring the Gawai season of festivity.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Epiphytic fern

This epiphytic fern grows naturally in my farm. This species is called the Stag's Horn Fern ( Platycerium coronarium). This particular piece was taken from the jungle and transplanted by me at a small tree by my verandah. It has been growing well since two years ago.

Friday, May 9, 2008

"Joey" Bar

This is indeed a young kangaroo bar. Seen at a car park in Bintulu. (Note: joey = a young kangaroo)

"Joey" Bar

This is a 'young kangaroo' bar indeed. Seen at a car park in Bintulu ye( Note: Joey=a young kangaroo)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A "Sea Apple" tree in flower

Today is exceptionally hot in Bintulu. In this steaming weather and many many more dry and sunny days ahead expect a wonderful display of colours as the many trees here begin to show their colourful inflorescence's . Well ,today I was very lucky to have come across this handsome Jambu Laut or Sea Apple tree (Eugenia grandis ) flowering by the corner of Temple Street, Bintulu. This tree must be about 20 meters high. This tree is really a native to Bintulu and many other coastal towns of Malaysia. However in this particular instance, this tree must have been planted more than ten years ago when the local authority decided to create a mini park behind the Chinese Temple. Providing much needed shade against tropical heat, such trees should be grown more around Bintulu town not merely as park trees but also roadside trees.

Rockery by the Sidewalk

It is interesting to see this group of rocks that are installed by the sidewalk in front of Farley Supermarket, Medan Jaya, Bintulu. I would like to blog more on Bintulu sidewalks from now on. I thought this picture will break initial ground on what is meant by sidewalk to many people. It is interesting to note here a feeling of "solidness" in this grouping of boulders and accentuated by a clever use of plants.

Salted fish on pavement

Today's hot weather was just ideal for drying salted fish on the hot pavement. Bintulu is famous for its fresh fishes and any unsold ones end up on the pavement like this.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Excellent blood red heliconia

This heliconia variety has slightly light green edge and a dark green tip on a dark red bract. I find this species very easy to grow in Bintulu. It grows in a clump. Propagation is by division. This variety is excellent for cut flowers or in a flower arrangement.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Colourful bracts of heliconia

An elegant variety of heliconia with its long pendulous pink bracts . This species is becoming popular in Bintulu for its exotic appeal and minimal maintenance. Best planted in shady locations and loamy soil.

Terendak design on Bintulu roof

A cu view of the Pasar Utama roof. Here the design is typical of the Melanau 'terendak' (hat). For some reasons the original roof was of white metal roofing sheet. Thus it was necessary to repaint it in other colours to avoid looking dirty.

Sago Worms

Found an interesting object for sale at the local "tamu" or jungle produce market this afternoon. These wriggling sago worms are considered a delicacy by the local Melanaus and Ibans of Bintulu.

Red fishes

Today I took an afternoon off to scout for fresh fish. At the fish market at the Sebiew River, I found these red snappers. Bintulu is the place for fresh fish in Sarawak.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Sepenuh in flower

An Eurycles amboinensis plant in flower. This is recently grown near our chalet at the eco-farm in Bintulu. Locally called te ' sepenuh ' , this plant is native to Malaysia. The flowers have come out for the past one week and as characteristic of this plant, the other buds will continue blossoming in another two to three weeks time.

Organic Spoon

This is as fresh and healthy as you can get here in Bintulu. With a handy organic spoon, you can scoop off a hearty load of coconut flesh at Bintulu's tamu. At just the correct price. Well, this group of coconut fruits are of the "L" ( large ) group and that explains the pricing.