Thursday, January 7, 2016

January flowering tree of Bintulu - Wild Cinnamon

Medang Tija (Malay) or Wild Cinnamon at Assyakiriin Commercial Centre car parking area.

Flowers are small and insignificant
creamy white
 This month of January the Wild Cinnamon trees (Cinnamomum iners) are seen flowering over many locations in Bintulu.  It is a  medium sized tree that is attractive for its orange to reddish flushes.  It is a hardy tree with a neat and compact form.  It is a popular roadside tree in Bintulu since about 30 years ago and is also suitable for green spaces areas, car parking lots and even private homes that have a sizeable garden space.  The flowers are very small and  insignificant creamy white.  They grow well in full sun and bears small berry fruits that are attractive to wildlife.
Wild Cinnamon or Medang Tija (Malay) - Cinnamomum iners
Family : Lauraceae - Laurel family
Location: Tg. Batu recreational area - Pantai Temasya