Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A "Sea Apple" tree in flower

Today is exceptionally hot in Bintulu. In this steaming weather and many many more dry and sunny days ahead expect a wonderful display of colours as the many trees here begin to show their colourful inflorescence's . Well ,today I was very lucky to have come across this handsome Jambu Laut or Sea Apple tree (Eugenia grandis ) flowering by the corner of Temple Street, Bintulu. This tree must be about 20 meters high. This tree is really a native to Bintulu and many other coastal towns of Malaysia. However in this particular instance, this tree must have been planted more than ten years ago when the local authority decided to create a mini park behind the Chinese Temple. Providing much needed shade against tropical heat, such trees should be grown more around Bintulu town not merely as park trees but also roadside trees.

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