Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pukul Lima ( Samanea saman)

True to its name, the leaflets of this Rain Tree (Samanea saman) close up at late afternoon or evening or in heavy rain. While parking my car this afternoon around 5.30 pm at Medan Jaya next to Farley Supermarket, I saw a branch that was drooping close to where my car was parked. A good modelling candidate. The flowers of the Rain Tree are pink and white and aren't that significant or showy. Therefore I was fortunate to get a good close look at it this afternoon and took this shot with my camera hand phone N93i . Rain trees are imported into Malaysia and they can reach a maximum of about 30 meters high. In Bintulu they are planted at car parks, big avenues or in open space or parks areas as specimen planting. I like it on the account of its shade, wide spreading canopy and its generosity in accommodating epiphytes on its older branches.

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