Friday, June 20, 2008

The Great Frangipani ( Plumeria obtusa)

Today is Friday and is a day of great religiosity for Muslims. Later in the day I'll be on my way to Bintulu town to join the congregation in Friday prayers. Thus I woke up very early to enjoy the fresh morning air and to witness the early morning blooms. I walked towards the back of my chalet and found this frangipani tree in terminal flowers. The flowers are extremely fragrant.

I understand that the name 'plumeria' was derived from a French botanist who did describe several on this tropical plant species way back in the 17 th century. In Sarawak it is one of the easiest plant to propagate and grow because it loves our tropical heat and open sun.

I plucked two branches with terminal flowers and placed them in a large sea shell turned upside down.

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