Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tabebuia rosea

On the way to Tanjong Batu beach this morning, I spotted this row of flowering Tabebuia rosea trees. This year the flowering doesn't seem to be heavy like the previous year when it started earlier in May. Sometimes called the trumpet tree, the pink flowers are spectacular and are clustered at the end tips of the branches. The flowers will fall after about a week or so and by which time will totally cover the ground . A closer examination of the flowers will reveal its trumpet- like shape. Two varieties are grown in Bintulu, the white one called Tabebuia alba and the pinkish variety called Tabebuia rosea. They came in a yellow envelope about twenty years ago from Singapore. Those seeds from the envelope were germinated at the BDA's Sungai Plan nursery. From this nursery, the young trees were sent to Miri, Sibu and other smaller towns in Sarawak.

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