Friday, July 3, 2009

Coastal Hibiscus

Bintulu is near the sea and its coastline faces the open South China Sea. Indeed if you are to sail straight north you would have beached at the coasts of Vietnam. The sea sprays, distinct dry weather, sandy soils and lots of monsoon rains have made the hibiscus plants here high performers. Two species that are native here are the Sea Hibiscus ( Hibiscus tiliaceus) and the Rose of Sharon ( Hibiscus mutabilis). While the Sea Hibiscus need to be planted closest to the sea or even in waters, the rose of Sharon prefers a well-drained soil. One peculiar habit common to both is the changing nature of its flowers as the day progresses. In the case of the Rose of Sharon,it starts white early in the morning and gradually develops into a dark pink as the day progresses. In like manner, the Sea Hibiscus starts the day in strong yellow and changes to orange when evening sets.

CU of Sea Hibiscus
Sea Hibiscus near the beach at Kidurong township

CU of Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon shrub

P.S. For many other colours of the Hibiscus flowers, click here.


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Lovely colours of the hibiscus. The Rose of Sharon looks so sweet.

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