Thursday, July 2, 2009

Delicious local fruits

The month of June is special for the abundance of the local Malay Apple fruits called " Jambu Bol". I love these fruits for two reasons. First when half-ripe they are best taken with soy sauce or shrimp paste ( the famed Bintulu 'Belacan') as salad. Secondly when sufficiently ripe they are sweet tasting and soft to eat. When eating them do not remove the red skin covering, just like eating normal apples. But remember there is a sizable seed inside that gets removed easily. From the ripe seeds you can propagate the tree easily.

A bowl of Jambu Bol like above fetches for RM 5.

This is my special favourite in Bintulu. Being close to the coast, you can get any amount of fresh coconuts at Bintulu's tamu or jungle produce market which is located somewhere in the center of Bintulu town. After drinking the juice I would normally eat the flesh which is very soft and sweet too. Here you eat it with a 'spoon' made out a wedge from the coconut skin. Hmm... does the job of scooping the flesh splendidly. A piece of coconut like above fetches for Rm1.50 .


Unknown said...

I've eaten jambu air but nor jambu bol. Wouldn't it be nice to plant one in my garden.Is it a big tree?
Guess what, i bought some Bintulu belachan when I was in Kuching. Good stuff!
I love the coconut flesh -yum,yum!

Mahmud Yussop said...

Jambu Bol is a medium sized tree.That is after 10 years it may reach a height of 5 meters. It grows slowly.So if you have a big compound around the house you can plant it.It likes sandy and moist soil.Glad you like belacan - good for 'ulam' or salad party:)

petoeah said...
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petoeah said...

where can i but the fruit (jambo bol) or it's seed / tree ?