Monday, September 15, 2008

Blooming Eugenias

Driving along Tanjung Batu Coastal road this morning I saw a long line of eugenias ( Eugenia polyantha) bursting in white flowers. The flowers are small but grouped in large clusters giving the effect of a consuming white blanket of flowers over the small yet compact crown.

Eugenias are considered a small tree for landscaping purposes thereby making it a potential candidate for small residential roads or even sub-arterial roads like the one below. Eugenias have only recently being used as a landscaping tree in Bintulu probably to my knowledge in the early nineties. When planted very closely together, they assume a thick wall thus appropriate for buffering or screening purposes. It is a versatile tree too because it can be pruned heavily and 'bonsaied', meaning it can be used as a topiary plant to create as many and as varied shapes and sizes the gardener or landscaper wishes.
Another feature that is worth noting of this handsome tree is its young leaves which show a transition of colours as they mature, from light yellow to orange to red and bronze. The tree is evergreen. Yet when they produce young leaves, they give the 'autumn look' in an otherwise hot, tropical and humid Bintulu.


Eki Akhwan said...

This looks beautiful. I'm not sure if we have this kind of flowering tree in Bandung. I'll look. What's the local name for this?

BTW, I also like that neat and clean looking street.


Hi,and welcome. The local name is "Ubah Laut" ( Ref:Anderson J.A.R.,A Checklist of the Trees of Sarawak,Forest Department Sarawak,1980.I am not sure what it is called in Indonesia.It can easily be mistaken for other similar eugenia species .Ubah laut has been introduced as an ornamental tree only recently, around early nineties.In its native condition, the tree grows along the coasts and rivers throughout Sarawak.