Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Angsana tree

A row of mature angsana trees ( Pterocarpus indicus) or 'pokok sena' in Malay with their dense crown of leaves provide much shade against the afternoon sun. This picture I took at the Taman Temasya, Tanjung Batu , Bintulu. No respectable landscaper in Malaysia will fail to incorporate this plant species in the design of soft landscape to public parks, roadsides, golf courses, schools and institutions of higher learning ,open spaces and city green lungs.  Angsana trees was a hit in the hey days of town landscaping in Malaysia in the 80's. They are easily propagated from their branches, can withstand rough handling and grows in most soils . Their blanket of flowers are very fragrant though short lived. Its special appeal is in its ability to be grown as an instant tree where the need to achieve immediate results were critical in the greening campaign of the 80's. Today while landscapers prefer to introduce new flowering tree species ( and forgetting the angsana as a result) they remain after these years strong and standing stately as ever.

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nobu said...

What a tall tree!!
But it's beautifl.