Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ramadan Bazaar

With the coming of Ramadan, the fasting month, the Muslim community in Bintulu like elsewhere will shop for food,drinks and many other items at the Ramadan bazaar that seem to sprout like mushrooms. They are nowadays joined by other communities of different faiths to taste the various foods and cakes especially prepared for those taking the fast. In this way the Ramadan has an interesting social function.
This year the fasting starts on the 1st of September and will normally lasts a month. Besides the culinary aspect, the month is welcomed  by all Muslims to renew their faith, clean up their souls ( by special nightly prayers besides the usual five daily prayers, doing good deeds, have good thoughts, ask God's forgiveness for minor sins whether known or unknown, etc)
The two pictures above are taken at a Ramadan Bazaar located at Medan Raya car parking area, in front of Sing Kwong Supermarket. Time: 5.30 pm.

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