Thursday, October 30, 2008

Satay for Breakfast

Early in the morning the Melanau women at Kampung Jepak, some 15 minutes drive from my farm are already selling satay.  Today I dropped by at one of the roadside stalls to buy some satay sticks while on my way to fetch my worker there around 7.00 am.    At today's price, RM 1 will fetch you 4 sticks of juicy, hot and soft slices of grilled chicken meat as shown above.  There is the gravy of crushed peanuts mainly to go with it. However it is customary to eat satay with  steamed glutinous rice wrapped in narrow fragrant pandan leaves. Once prepared in this manner, the rice is called ' kelopez' in the local Bintulu Melanau dialect.  Four pieces of these kelopez wrappings cost RM 1. With a cup of tea in hand, I thought how synonymous is satay to Malaysia. Just like Kentucky fried chicken to America. Well, here's to satay, kelopez and tea...Good morning to everybody...and enjoy life's little moments.

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nobu said...

Looks delicious!
Those are looks like "Mochi" and "Yakitori".