Monday, October 20, 2008

Storm and rain at the farm

The two shots below are taken after a lapse of about half an hour.  When I was about to leave my eco-farm to send my worker home, I saw this gathering storm from the south moving rapidly towards my farm,which is on the right of the picture.
Half an hour later when I returned to the farm,  the clouds have scattered the rains on the highway and also my farm.
If we are to follow the textbook, November till February is normally the season for heavy rains in Bintulu and likewise through out Sarawak.  However for many years now this common wisdom has gone haywire due to drastic global climatic changes. We in Bintulu are no exception. Compared to Kuching however I notice that the rains here occur mainly at night whilst in Kuching it start to rain daily normally in late afternoon, say around 3-4pm daily onwards.  For my civil contracting experience  I find that as a contractor it's better to work in Bintulu because chances are you'll have more full days sunny than compared to Kuching where you have may to pack home early in the afternoon to avoid working in the rain especialy involving external works.

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