Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scrambling Sailor in Bintulu

I went to town yesterday and dropped by at my brother's place where I took this picture.
This is a fine example of the beauty of the drunken sailor ( Quisqualis indica ) I understand that it got stuck with this name because its flowers appear white in the beginning and then gradually reddens as it ages. It is a busy scrambler, weaving a complete screen as in this case the fence and the room upstairs. I mean thanks to the drunken sailor who is ever willing to shield my head against the hot afternoon sun while I enjoy my cup of tea. It is a perfect way to show off your drunkeness, I mean your passion with the drunken sailor. For a small or tiny space like above, the use of the drunken sailor is extremely effective because as a strong climber it is almost supportive of itself. Hah..contrary to its reputation.
The above is a cu of the drunken sailor's flowers. The flowers are scented and have long calyx tube which could be mistaken for a flower stalk. Likes the full sun and easily propagated by cuttings. It belongs to the family of combretaceae. It is native to South East Asia and as such is sometimes referred to as The Rangoon Creeper ( Rangoon is a city in Myanmar or previously Burma)

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