Sunday, November 23, 2008

The delicious Terap fruit ( artocarpus odoratissimus Blanco)

It is called 'Terap' in Malay or 'Ong Lumok' in the local Melanau dialect. The flesh or aril is succulent, very sweet and has tiny seeds the size of groundnuts which can be roasted or fried as snacks for afternoon tea. Since last month and through to December this fruit are easily seen at the local jungle produce market in Bintulu. A fruit of the above size will normaly sell for RM 3. The skin has short,blunt and soft thorn-like covering but not pricky.

The 'terap' fruit tree is indeed tall, can reach 20 m high. Therefore to collect the fruit one has to climb the tree and pluck them from their end branches being cautious not to let them drop as once dropped the soft skin will be smashed and the fruits squashed and littered. The climbers will pluck semi ripe fruits and keep them for a day or two for ripening before they bring them to market.The leaves of the terap are large, about 30 - 40 cm long and 20-25 cm wide.
There are many varieties of the terap fruit with arils in colours of red and yellow.
Here's another variety with covering looking like rough hairs so is called 'Terap Bulu' ( artocarpus sericarpus)to mean hairy 'terap'.
The terap fruit comes from the same family as the breadfruit ( artocarpus communis Forst or its synonym: A.altilis) and is considered a staple fruit among the Pacific Islanders and many areas of South East Asia.


Kemesraanku said...

Amboi...gelang emas tuuuu.... :)

Protege said...

It so exciting to read your blog and to see these pictures of the various fruits! Very exotic to someone like me, who only gets to - at the best -see a passion fruit as the most extraordinary and different fruit in the supermarket. I truly enjoyed this post.

Nikki said...

Oh my goodness!! That just look so delicious!! i miss home already. I just grab your photo of the wild durian which i am looking forward to having on my trip back to miri and marudi this coming CNY. Thanks for the posts!