Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kuala Tatau Water Festival

A race in progress.

The Kuala Tatau village was a buzz today, roaring to the powerful outboard engines like the ones above as part of this year '45 Years of Sarawak's Independence Through Malaysia ' celebration.

A section of the large crowd of spectators by the river bank.

A fishing boat decorated with the Malaysian flags greet spectators as they walked up the ramp after disembarking the small boat that ferry them to reach the main village across. Rates: Adults = RM 1.50 per person. Children = Free.

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N said...

Bro Mahmud,

Thanks for highlighting Kuala Tatau to the rest of the world.Congratulation to harworking gentlemen and ladies for making the event a success. Kuala Tatau origin's abroad would surely love to assist financially or otherwise for such event in the future. Appreciate if you could load more pics, I missed my kampong.