Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Strong winds and choppy waters in Bintulu today

The first sign that a sudden change in weather was imminent was when I saw these grasses bending low at the Bintulu Waterfront Promenade.
Very quickly strong winds slammed the palm trees, sending visitors scurring for cover.  Suddenly there was not a soul taking a stroll at the promende.
Going further up to Kidurong Housing Beach area some 20 minutes drive from the mouth of the Kemena River ( where sits the promenade) I saw many small fishing crafts moored at the lagoon area seeking safety from the choppy waters offshore and  impending stormy weather. This is typical of the end of year weather at Bintulu ( Nov- Dec) when strong winds can send waves up to three or four meters high making the sea most dangerous for small fishing crafts like these.


nobu said...

Very strong wind!

Those grasses are look like pampas in Japan.

Protege said...

To me all these beutiful images on your blog are very exotic. Wonderful colors from far away places. Very nice.
Thank you for stoping by my place.:)