Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fresh tuna at Bintulu's market

One one my favourites routine when in Bintulu  town is to drop by at the fish market situated at Kampung Baru ,tugged by the lazy the Sebiew River.  At this market you can get fresh tuna very easily because Bintulu is rich in deepwater fishing grounds.  Trawlers and small fishing boats are plenty in Bintulu, a town once known only as a fishing town but now a showpiece of industrial progress. 
The fish monger today has sliced the tuna into slim pieces and a plate of the above costs me RM 8,  weighing slightly more than a kilo . Today the going rate is RM 6/kilo.  I like to fry tuna though it can be barbequed, grilled or prepared in curry or soya sauce.
By the way the local Bintulu Melanaus are great fish eaters and as they say fish is good for the heart.  They live longer here. They even eat fish raw in the form of 'umai' .  If you happen to be in Bintulu and never tried 'umai', you would have miss the real Bintulu.

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