Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day by the Beach

It has been a while since I have not update any pictures here.  The reason is that I was very busy in Kuching for the last month.  However I'm back and wish to make up for lost time.  Since I arrived Bintulu on the 7th of June I fell ill and just felt better today.  There again, my computer got into problems because of a faulty power pin which needed replacement parts from outside Bintulu.  That problem got solved by late afternoon.  Before I picked up the notebook, I went to see Pantai Temasya  or the Tanjung Batu Beach, just 10 minutes drive from Bintulu Town centre.  I thought by spending an afternoon by the beach would help me further recuperate from my illness which was caused by a fall when I climbed the slopes to gather some fruits last Friday at the farm. Well all's well that ends well.  Below are pictures that I took at Pantai Temasya ( Temasya Beach, Tg. Batu)
View of Pantai Temasya shoreline from the northern point of  the beach.

Tall Carpentaria Palms ( Carpentaria acuminata) line up this footpath at the lush greenery environment within the beach landscaped areas.

This is where all cars that enter the beach area make their turns.  The park  at the Temasya Beach is richly planted with trees.  Here tall casuarina trees ( Casuarina equisitifolia) dwarf the coconut palms below.

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I'm glad you come back here!