Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Mango Tree

This is the only Mango Tree standing at the Bintulu Town centre. I grew up with this tree because it was planted not far from the government quarters where our family stayed in the 1960's. Where the tree is located was about the farthest end of the government quarters area at that material time. All older buildings built in and around 1960's are gone. Thus the Mango Tree is the only reminder of the old Bintulu . It is my fervent hope that this will tree will be preserved for posterity.
On the left is a picture I took of the tree when its was flowering heavily in April this year. The picture below shows the tree bearing tiny fruits. Unfortunately just weeks ago I notice that someone had cut a main branch of the tree to collect the fruits and as a result damaged much of its beautiful form.
The Mango tree bearing young and tiny fruits , before the main branch being cut.

Close Up of the tiny fruits.


nobu said...

I like mango, but I have seen mango tree at first time.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Great shape too! Hope the tree stays forever .I have a chokonan in my garden.