Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shrubby Dillenia ( Dillenia suffruticosa)

Feeling slightly better today, I decided to have a walk around the farm. The rashes that developed over my body slowly disappeared and my body temperature has subsided and returned to normal. According to the good doctor I was suffering from a viral infection which is self-eliminating. Feeling upbeat, I took shots of the Shrubby Dillenia or what we call here as 'Simpoh Air' ( Dillenia suffruticosa) that grows abundantly at my farm. The 'Simpoh Air' is indeed a suitable tree to plant along streams and near houses.
The red fruits are attractive to birds and are enclosed in several segments.

The large yellow flowers look brilliant in the sun. The thick broad and oval-shaped leaves are used to wrap food or to ferment rice like in the local delicacy called 'Tapai'. The young leaves are eaten raw as salad.

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